some kind of strangers.

We got in the car tonight,
feeling like some kind of strangers.
I don’t make much conversation,
but not out of spite.
I’m just thinking that maybe,
we should hold onto this divide,
and slowly let it grow.
I don’t know and you don’t know,
never reaping what we sow.
The only hour we were together,
seemed entirely full of holes,
walking through the door,
and finally getting home.
Each moment had mistakes in it,
heavy words and looks,
but no one is angry,
and I wonder if, maybe,
you feel the same loss as I do.
Though, you make no indication,
going through the motions,
of me reminding you,
of everything you’re supposed to do.
Then I wondered if you’d noticed,
how things have changed,
from what they were.
Then we got into the bed tonight,
feeling like some kind of strangers.



6 thoughts on “some kind of strangers.

  1. You get my first “Wow!” of the day! This is an awesome bit of writing. Scary in its truth and depth. How many of us can say, “Oh, I know exactly what this means.” I certainly can.
    Excellent, excellent poem. I am (can you tell?) thoroughly impressed!

  2. another “Wow!”, from me. this is such an honest & powerful write. relationships can be pretty complex. this is about the real world.

    i really enjoyed this read. great stuff.

  3. life is full of strange stuff, we can not always make everyone happy, yet, we can make someone happy from time to time.

    real and powerful write.
    Happy Potluck!

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