clump of feelings.

June 16, 2011

I don’t want it, you can take it,
This bloody, dripping clump of feelings,
Beating, beating, loudly sorrow,
Steals the efforts of tomorrow,
All it’s served to numb me up,
Endow with doubt and take my tough,
To want and want and never have,
To give and give it not enough,
This ugly, primal, feral organ,
Bitter meat, such useless flesh,
All it’s done is age me roughly,
Jaded with erratic pulsing,
I don’t want it, you can take it,
Traitorous tissue thirsts on tears,
Crippling, pumping, murmurs soundly,
Weakened by these trying years,
All it’s made is complications,
This thumping, pleading mass of pain,
Internally, growing, feeding,
Seize, implode, explode, stop beating.



8 Responses to “clump of feelings.”

  1. Yes, that is the way life feels sometimes. One gets tumbled through the poem the way these kind of emtions also tumble. Effective. Well done.

  2. Your rhythm and meter flow really well, especially at the end. Don’t wish your heart to stop beating though. Just make sure it only beats for one worth echoing.

  3. Kay Salady said

    How intense! Like a drumbeat to the core of you. XLNT!

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