good intentions.

I had so many good intentions that I paved myself a road,
The road leads on straight to Hell as the old, old saying goes.
And this yellow-brick path is mortared with all those thoughts and deeds,
Upon which all these demons now come and go as they please.



4 thoughts on “good intentions.

  1. I like how these short poems can sometimes be a huge condensing of grand ideas, or they can be an expansion of simple thoughts. Like your version of the old saying.

      1. Thanks for simplifying the overwhelming–makes it so much more manageable. And this was certainly not over-analyzing the petty; rather it is an eloquent pursuing of the logical outflow that comes when a phrase is put to scrutiny.

      2. Yes, that! That sounds smart, so exactly that! šŸ˜› LOVE putting things to scrutiny. If there were Olympic games for such, gold medalist right here.

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