i love the girl who cannot love herself.

I love the girl who cannot love herself,
I love her much more than anyone else,
I know her love to be worth more than so many,
She says it’s not worth more than old pennies.

I say every king’s gold could not buy her worth,
For it’s more rare than the most precious gem of the earth,
She says she values of nothing, as of poor rags and patches,
And any right man would not desire such sashes.

I say for her love, I would gladly weave,
A million silk garments but she doesn’t believe,
She says such a fine thread on her skin is a shame,
They’d be more respectful on a Duchess or Dame.

I tell her even the ocean could not simply reflect,
Her grandeur and no king deserves her respect,
But she says the ocean just ripples and lies,
And can only be mirror to much greater skies.

Well, if silver were stars, I’d trade her the sky,
If I could just capture a light in her eye,
She says of what use is that shine ‘side the sun,
And such poor light is of use to no one.

She claims a shine in her eyes is just more tears to come,
And sadly these nights seem to shine more than some,
I ask her to let love push away her past,
She said memories than love, do much longer last.

The sound of her voice puts my heart in my throat,
I’d have to traverse the Heavens to just match the note,
She says by that time, she’d certainly grow old,
And such a fine song would be better spent sold.

I say if I sold only wishes and my home for its rent,
To just buy her locket, it would not be ill spent,
She says if promises were lockets, her neck would bare,
The weight of her sorrows and then some to spare.

I point to the rainbow that comes after the rain,
And tell her such beauty grows from such pain,
I say she’s like a flower that grew from the storm,
That should be protected, admired and warm.

She says even a bouquet of flowers is spoil,
When they’d struggled for so long to push through the soil,
And her fate is that of a small lily in winter,
Who fought through the autumn and birthed just to wither.

I love the girl with the tear stricken face,
Who smothers her dreams ‘neath her pillowcase,
She asks what is their use in the light of the day?
And wishes are destined to sleep where they lay.

Smile, I tell her, things aren’t so bad!
Laugh, I plead with her, life is not so sad!
I wish to love her and receive in return,
And if that’s all I’ll have, it’s all that I’ll yearn!

She tells me no one loves the girl who can’t love herself,
And “to please save your smiles for somebody else,
Laughter can only bring tears to my eyes,
I know you don’t think so but you only see lies.”

But I do love the girl who can’t love herself,
And she’ll save her smiles for somebody else,
I love her sadness, yet I ask her to laugh,
Then I cry for the girl who cannot love me back.



10 thoughts on “i love the girl who cannot love herself.

  1. I love this: the flow is awesome– skimming from subject to subject in a Hush Little Baby sort of fashion. Like the pun on “bare” and also love the sentimentality of this. Excellent!

    1. Quite the compliment coming from a poet such as yourself. Yes, it is a poem about self acceptance, but also about pushing away others who love you despite your faults since you cannot believe them. It’s a shame, really.

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