damsel in distress.

June 21, 2011

Mirabella had three wicked sisters,
whom she served ’til she wore blisters.
Then they’d beat her much more still.
Yet, she obeyed their every will.

A young prince watched the days go by,
and saw Mirabella sit and cry.
“What a girl to waste,” says he,
“I shall save her from her misery.”

At night, he snuck up in her room,
and found her sweeping with a broom.
He said, “Why don’t you leave; why don’t you run?
And be long gone at morning sun?”

She just glanced upon the prince.
“Why,” said he, “don’t I convince?”
She continued with her steady sweeping,
succumbing to her life of weeping.

“Oh girl, I’m here to set you free,
come to me! I’ll rescue thee!
Why don’t you hurry; can’t you see?”
“I enjoy the pain,” says she.


Promising Poetry Week 48 Award Winner

Happily ever,
after the story’s been lived,
may you skip chapters.


55 Responses to “damsel in distress.”

  1. This is so true, some people are contnet to remain in the familar comfort zone for fear of change and, some get addicted to the pain.
    A good read, thanks.

  2. booguloo said

    Honesty again.. smiles…

  3. Jingle said

    delightful take on some pains, love the way you do it,

    enjoy the rally.


  4. j said

    Hmm this sounds like me. Lovely poem with a realistic twist.

  5. Misery can become a habit all too easily. Insightful write.

  6. A good honest piece of poetry, thank you for sharing I enjoyed reading this very much 🙂

  7. Andy said

    So sad, but an all too realistic fate for some. It’s not always easy to step outside one’s comfort zone.

    Nicely expressed!

  8. A kiss with a fist is better than none?

  9. Chimnese said

    realistic and true…..

  10. I like how your use of familiar images and concepts makes the punch of this poem that much more poignant.

  11. Deeju said

    Pretty sad that the girl got used to the miserable life, reminding us that it is not a fairy tale where “they happily lived ever after”. Poem with a deep meaning. Well written Fountains.

  12. Leo said

    I wonder if Cinderella felt that way once but the prince was just too charming back then 😉

    My poem ~ A Poetic World

  13. Awesome story and honestly I have seen it so many times that fear, since in love I am a risk-taker (though no where else) I’ve always been confused by it

  14. Great writing. The finish is powerful and caught me somewhat off guard. Very nicely done!

  15. Miki said

    Pretty captivating ending – not what I expected at all. GREAT JOB!

  16. jenamae said

    wow.thats definitely a sad piece. one of way of saying.. ‘i love the way it hurts’…i could feel the emotions…thanks for that!

  17. Very clever poem, very entertaining read, if a bit seemingly melancholic. Loved the take upon the old classic, and then putting a twist on it. Put a smile to my eye, though not one of pure humour.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  18. Madhumathi said

    A simple short story .. well written in a poem .. with a rhythmic sense..:)

    I liked the intensity in the last line “I enjoy pain” 🙂
    Keep blogging..
    Cheers ^_^


  19. Aaronsmig said

    I love the use of the fairy tale structure with a very original ending to convey your message. Beautifully done.

  20. This made me smile. It shouldn’t but it’s so true. So very well written, smoothly flowing and very rhymy but so very true.

  21. Leave me alone in my misery.

  22. J Sirrah said

    Little late getting to this one.
    Such a mixed flow and you are very insightful,again.
    Congrats too 🙂

  23. Jingle said

    well deserved award, happy rally.

  24. Grå Sky said

    What a beautiful image of the sad but all to real dependency on pain. Really well written 🙂

  25. shannadodd said

    Wow! I absolutely love story poems. Wonderful.

  26. A captivating read, I was transfixed all the way through. Excellent flow and rhyme 🙂

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