damsel in distress.

Mirabella had three wicked sisters,
whom she served ’til she wore blisters.
Then they’d beat her much more still.
Yet, she obeyed their every will.

A young prince watched the days go by,
and saw Mirabella sit and cry.
“What a girl to waste,” says he,
“I shall save her from her misery.”

At night, he snuck up in her room,
and found her sweeping with a broom.
He said, “Why don’t you leave; why don’t you run?
And be long gone at morning sun?”

She just glanced upon the prince.
“Why,” said he, “don’t I convince?”
She continued with her steady sweeping,
succumbing to her life of weeping.

“Oh girl, I’m here to set you free,
come to me! I’ll rescue thee!
Why don’t you hurry; can’t you see?”
“I enjoy the pain,” says she.


Promising Poetry Week 48 Award Winner

Happily ever,
after the story’s been lived,
may you skip chapters.


55 thoughts on “damsel in distress.

  1. Pretty sad that the girl got used to the miserable life, reminding us that it is not a fairy tale where “they happily lived ever after”. Poem with a deep meaning. Well written Fountains.

  2. Very clever poem, very entertaining read, if a bit seemingly melancholic. Loved the take upon the old classic, and then putting a twist on it. Put a smile to my eye, though not one of pure humour.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  3. A simple short story .. well written in a poem .. with a rhythmic sense..:)

    I liked the intensity in the last line “I enjoy pain” 🙂
    Keep blogging..
    Cheers ^_^


  4. Little late getting to this one.
    Such a mixed flow and you are very insightful,again.
    Congrats too 🙂

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