waiting for fate.

Excitedly, I sit and wait,
to see my fate’s long strapping gate,
around the bend and on the stones.
My perching stoop aching my bones.

Longer days, and shorter some,
but I shall wait for fate to come,
for if I leave, I guarantee,
fate will come and pass by me.

Quietly, I long to hear.
Yet I may sit another year,
for the cobbled road to bring my fate.
Excitedly, I sit and wait.



6 thoughts on “waiting for fate.

  1. There once was a time
    When the wind screamed and whined.
    And then we stopped listening
    For our worlds were the importance glistening.
    And as we stare into this empty gaze
    We seek solice in these empty days.
    But we can’t seem to recall the sound
    That the wind made when we were profound.
    So now we hope for life to give our wait
    The gifts of illusion the delusion we call fate…

    Nice write!!!

    1. I don’t know why I never saw this comment, but I’m glad I found it. I want to hug this compliment, snuggle it, and squeeeze it to bits. 😛 She’s a favorite of mine.

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