small words.

Three Word Wednesday CCXLVII:
Daily bump and grind,
Gripping with knuckle white,
Transfixed by your life.

Haiku Heights Prompt 49:
I’ve been thirsty, love.
Soak me up with your sponge,
To your lips, quench me.

Haiku Heights Prompt 52: String
Chinese proverb says,
Red string connects my soulmate,
Hung himself with fate.


16 thoughts on “small words.

  1. Hello: Happy Weekend!

    Write anything coming to your mind based on the image we provide for week 5,
    Share with us.

    Bless you,
    Hope to read your entry.

    you never know your potential until you try. smiles.

  2. Oh dear, I hope you ain’t gonna get connected with a red string like that any time! Fantastic haiku, like mindlovemisery says.. Quite beautiful words!

    Thank you for the support to Haiku Heights through the first year 🙂 Looking forward to enjoying more of your haikus next year too!

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