town of tarot.

The King of Swords sheds first blood,
this battle begun too soon.
The Lovers leave The World behind,
in this twisted Wheel of Fortune.

The Devil is certainly quite The Magician,
and makes poor Justice lie.
The High Priestess hides behind The Moon,
where all she does is cry.

The King and Queen of Pentacles,
have laid to rest their Knight and Page.
As their Ace sums up all the Strength,
The Hierophant prays for war to wage.

No one ever looks up to see The Sun,
and Death is in The Emperor’s eyes.
Temperance defies its Judgement,
near where The Hanged Man dies.

The Page of Swords defends his Ace,
while their Knight defiles their Queen,
as all commence deliverance,
from this apocalyptic scene.

Within the dark dwellings of The Tower,
The Cups drink to bitterness,
where The Hermit fires from the turret,
so he surely cannot miss.

The Empress reigns from The Chariot,
but has lost sight of The Star,
destroying the people of The Wands,
without ever knowing whose side they are.

Even The Fool can discern the waste,
remaining from cruel fate’s theft.
And when none survive upon the ‘morrow,
There’s only The Blank Card left.



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