i hope you gaze upon the moon tonight.

I hope you gaze upon the moon tonight,
so our worlds may briefly be the same,
regardless of how far away,
or the distance,
between the beds we sleep,
and the feelings we hold.
Many nights I’ve dreamt of a life,
closer to you,
wishing upon its procession of stars,
each one a memory to be had together.
So much looked forward to.
Now all I wish,
is for you to look up this night,
if for a passing while,
even the most fleeting pause,
so we may have this,
this one, last moment to be shared.



29 thoughts on “i hope you gaze upon the moon tonight.

  1. heartbreak infuse in us some form of hope…like your poem conveys…just one more gaze in the act of “together” although separated by chasm. your poem radiates emotions, and made me ponder my own.

    1. I’m pleased that it did. You’re very insightful with my poems and seem to understand them so well. I felt this poem more than any other I have written in a while. Think it came from a deep place.

      1. i guess i read myself in them, im a geek when it comes to interpretation, and they resonate with my own experiences as well i guess. When a poem invites a reader to inhibit the narrative the writer conveys, the emotions the reader has hidden soon submerges in the prose and images of what is read. The moon here is a blooming full moon. So this poem resonates in my emotions and also the coincidence that there is a full moon. Ah, heart-breaks we don’t heal from them too soon. Sorry this one is a long one.

  2. No matter how long, I enjoy the input, especially input as thoughtful as yours. I think all writers like to hear how others have related to the emotions they’ve expressed. It takes some of the lonely out of it when it’s sad and doubles the joy when it isn’t.Though, it wasn’t quite a coincidence this was written on a full moon. 😉

    1. I love this poem, so, ill go look at the moon. I’ll read this to appreciate more of what it means to gaze and reflect, looking as light is surrounded by night.

  3. Wonderful poem, i enjoyed reading it very much. My 9 year old granddaughter and I made a promise a few years ago to look at the moon and think of each other, we still do it 🙂 very comforting.

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