low in my belly and lower still.

It can be anyone.
low in my belly,
and lower still.
deep in my breast,
longing, until,
with fingertips.
from body hunger,
and eagerness.
shuddering soft,
with frenzied want.
My body,
at attention,
by his hands.
over the sink,
and to,
his every will.
his ardent touch,
and deeper still.
he can be anyone.



25 thoughts on “low in my belly and lower still.

    1. lol, you really made me laugh, booguloo! Strawberries hold a special place in my heart as I am so very regretfully allergic to them, so your comparison tickled me. Thanks for reading. 😉

  1. Like the belly that has it’s need in hunger, and so it is the same with the heart that throbs, for it too needs to be filled.

  2. Whoa! “by daily dying i have come to be” created a thirst in me for more. And when I found it . . . I nearly exploded. Begs the question, how many marriage proposals does this beauty get per hour. 🙂
    Whatever the number, add one more!

    1. Thirst and explosions are highly appreciated! And as for proposals per hour, I just couldn’t answer honestly and still sound like a lady. We can just pretend I said something modest. 😉 Haha, thank you for stopping by and lending me your opinions and putting a smirk on my face.

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