solar powered life.

July 21, 2011

Original Illustration:

Artist Unknown. Any information on the origins of this illustration or the artist is welcomed.

My Interpretation:

20 x 20, acrylic. Monochromatic (Turquoise).

Title inspiration: Solar-Powered Life by The Classic Crime

Something irking about this piece – her “time flies” tattoo would be upside down were she standing. I didn’t even notice this on the original until I had already painted it. Now that I’ve said it, it’ll bother the hell out of you, too. Sigh.



10 Responses to “solar powered life.”

  1. j said

    she stares, unashamed, smiling, posing with tattoos written on her body. you paint, beautifully, and i thought you were only good with words!

  2. j said

    try posting one then, and see how. If your borrowed paintings are “majestic,” the originals would carry the same mark as well.

  3. swanrose said

    this is very cool… I wish I had this skill 🙂

  4. Androgoth said

    You are very talented my friend
    and I will return later to view more
    of your Space…

    Be well my friend…


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