unbroken in shoes.

Sometimes I try on the truth,
like a pair of unbroken in shoes,
by choosing someone,
when they ask a question,
and make myself an honest woman,
even if my deeds have not been so.
Then I walk around in it a bit,
feeling if it fits,
usually deciding,
it wasn’t worth the time it took,
to slip it on and wear it out,
and typically return to,
obscure replies and charming smiles,
before the next answer is due.


20 thoughts on “unbroken in shoes.

  1. yeah, i guess sometimes it’s hard to wear, truth and honesty, like the analogy you paint here, it gives a vivid picture of how we often try it and get back to our usual routine of being half of what it means to be honest.

  2. I’ve also been exploring how (brutally) honest I can be with myself and in turn, with others.It’s challenging yet liberating. Fear subsides and I’m allowed to be who I truly am, for I have no fear what others think.

    1. I suppose letting go of the fear of what others think, is the first step. But then to still be exposed and vulnerable to others… it seems I prefer the shields. Thank you for your feedback. 😛

  3. This is some great writing! About your title, “unbroken in shoes.” I must be bodly truthfuland say that I disagree with what Life: Between the lines said, aboit taking out the word “in”.

    To me your vesre & title are both perfect for an unbroken pair of shoes is not at all the same thing as an unbroken IN pair of shoes. You have to wear them, like the truth you put on yourself in your poem. Only after wearing them/it can they mold themselves to you or not.

    Unbroken shoes gives me a rigid imagery of something that holds its own against all odds (or from any wear & tear that might change a shoe from its original state).

    Forgive me, i do go on but I must when I see a tampering with something this close to perfection ;-D

    1. I very much appreciate your opinion, as well. I post on WP to get critique and am happy that you wanted to voice your opinion. I agree with you, wholeheartedly. As much as I see what Between the Lines has suggested, I do feel the meaning changes somewhat when you remove the “in”. Thank you both entirely for the advice! Definitely helping me keep a close eye on my poetry.

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