this rounded-corner window.

August 8, 2011

By the time I get off this train, the world will be different. Though, I will not be changed. Mounds of towering pines blurred in the periphery, washed out by the speed of a snap decision. I can see the world from here – from inside this cab, this rounded-corner window, the face reflecting back at me, the passenger across from me whose lap I rest my feet. Billows of white drift on the horizon, trying to catch up to my escalating train before dusk taints their purity with soft pinks, purples and oranges. The passenger shifts in his seat. He is mostly unfamiliar to me, and we do not know our destination. It will be night soon, and I wonder if I will sleep. My anticipation is too great – to feel like the only two on the dark expanse of stretching distance, to see the stars and wish upon them, to see the mounds of pine diffuse into small bushes scattered on miles of flat terrain, the terrain melting into salty sea. The world is changing right in front of me.


14 Responses to “this rounded-corner window.”

  1. booguloo said

    Very descriptive in your feelings and where you are..

  2. Beautiful. I felt like I was on the train with you. Very well done!

  3. Trains are so magical–so perfect for writers, too.

    • Fountains said

      I maaaay have never been on one. :X

      • Haha–that’s ok. Well–really you should try it some time. I’ve never taken a trip on a train. When I was about five we went and rode this old locomotive somewhere but we weren’t using the train to get anywhere useful. And I ride the metro sometimes but that’s not nearly as romantic. But…I think I would enjoy taking a trip on a train. Maybe not 😛

      • Fountains said

        I think I would, too. Here’s to hoping we get the chance to know for sure, right?

  4. A very nice word picture. If it were a painting, I would hang it up over the mantle.

  5. vanitymask said

    Such vivid description can only be made by a divine talent. And a divine talent is what you have.

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