holier than thou.

What in the Hell have you done?
God so loved the world,
He gave His only begotten son.
Only the lowly make your mistakes.
A waste on you was His gift,

– and therein lies the rift.

Get your god in my way, and I will bring you the rapture. – Henry Rollins


14 thoughts on “holier than thou.

      1. Wow, i just read all the responses on here and it’s a wonder how a short poem brings a lot of depth and emotions. I’m a Christian as well, study theology and i’ve worked in a church. I know hypocrisy all too well in my own experiences. I was in some ways “fired” and made a scapegoat by the church i used to work at so that really hurt me (im even branded as a heretic in the place im studying now for god know why, must be the way i think and probably my tattoos hahaha). I can understand some of the hurt feelings that L has gone through. And that Ghandi quote is very true. It’s the honesty of the poem that made me fall in love with it. So again, me loves this poem again for a third time. And p.s. you do sound like one of them prophets here :D.

      2. A prophet, really?! At this point in my life, I’m pretty sure I’ve denounced all labels but I was raised Irish Roman Catholic. Whether it be for religion or something else, I admire someone who has a passion. I myself don’t often believe life is made up of black and white, right and wrong but is a sum of all balances and consequences. In my personal experience, religion and church separate people far more often than bring them together. To choose one religion over another is to assume it more correct, and that contradicts the idea that we are all equal and all God’s children. Everything contains hypocrisies and contradictions, religion included. But J, you should take what happened to you as a compliment. Jesus was also considered a heretic, after all.

    1. I can’t stand hypocrisy, L. The people I see telling stories about forgiveness and the son of God befriending criminals and beggars are often the first ones to label, condemn and turn up their noses.

      I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. – Mahatma Gandhi

      1. I can’t stand hypocrisy either!!! If you would have been my shadow totday you would ‘dislike’ Christians even more. Should give you the link to my other blog… I’ve been hurt by the church… The ones who have been like my family… Today was a very hard day fir me as in one last attempt to understand why (looong story) I have never felt so stunned in their actions or lack of I should say. I called someone very close to me and said this “it’s a good thing I knew who God was before I walked in the doors of that church or i would want no part of being a Christian aka Christ follower. Thats all I can think is they don’t understand or get how they are doing things…. We all are so human…. I’ve been hurt worse by non Christians…. I think we expect more from those that preach one thing and seem to not do what they are preaching. My goal in life is to know my God more because I believe… Because I pursue my relationship with him… Along with that my goal is to make the God I serve known… And I think the only way to do that is to live it… Be real… Don’t act the part because the church leaders tell you…. If I feel like shit that’s what I’m going to say:) If I mess up…. Loose hope for a moment… Scream my pain… Get mad at God…. I will be ALL of me to the world…. My God is a God of love… And love does not preach down at people or put them under them…. I am just me… Little ,ol ~L… Who talks too much… Spells bad… Rattles on… And I’m not changing to look the part because some Christians say different… My God loves me for me and only He can change my heart… He does use people… But so does Satan…. I think a lot of Christians think they are… But maybe really they are not? it makes me sad because they are giving the God I serve a bad name. Hahaha…. I promise this is not all to you and about your comment… I was super hurt today by pastors and Christians…. I am venting… I’m being real… And I’m sharing my real heart with you… Because I like you… Enjoy the typos… I did this on my phone;) loves to you and I like you because your honest! 😉

      2. I don’t like that something has afflicted you this deeply, L. I hope in time you can heal. Yes, you would – and dare I say should – expect more from those who share in your faith or at least be able to trust them to “practice what they preach”. And those expectations can lead to great disappointments. I forget where I heard it but there’s a saying: going to church doesn’t make you any more a christian than standing in a garage makes you a car. Just remember that church members are no different than anyone else in that they have their own biases, and religion aside, everyone deserves forgiveness. For me to say that I can’t stand hypocrisy and people who judge others would, in itself, make me a hypocrite – if I let it affect how I saw others from this point on, would it not? It sounds like you have a strong hold in what you believe in, and for that, you can’t be wrong.

  1. To me this is the saddest of your poems. There are a lot of “Christians” who would certainly say the italicized words. Yes, there is absolute right and wrong, and yes there is judgment. The Christian God is both loving, merciful, and forgiving— as well as completely perfect, holy, and just. “Only the lowly make your mistakes. A waste on you was His gift” is an absolute lie. I’m sure a sermon is the last thing you want to hear, though. Sorry 🙂

    1. I absolutely believe that you believe in your words, Wordcoaster, and they are admirable. I have yet to say all Christians behave this way, but I have definitely seen my share of those who do. In fact, this poem is almost an exact (yet rhymed) excerpt from a letter I’ve received from a “friend” whom I once attended church with as a child. “Christian” or not, “religious” or not, no one walking this Earth is infallible, and therefore hasn’t the right to judge others. Isn’t that supposed to be left up to the Big Guy? There’s a fine line between advice and chastisement, and so many people just cannot tell the difference.

  2. Ah hypocrisy. The bitter root in the seasonings of life.

    I love your quote, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. – Mahatma Gandhi ” and I couldn’t agree with you more! My two cents.

    I like you. I really do. You write well and I thoroughly enjoy your work and I see that you read mine on occasion and it’s appreciated. I agree with a few of your points about there being an absolute right and wrong and about God being loving, merciful, and forgiving, but let me ask a question. Does preaching “God is Love” and then in the next breath telling someone that their perspective is a lie do anything to help change the views of someone who already has a hard time with hypocrisy from “Christians”? I say change because that’s how it came across as your intentions in your response. If you want to talk about this further, you can find my email address on my page. I’m sure Fountains didn’t intend for this to turn into a debate or argument about religion and I would like to respect her in that by not continuing this conversation at this post. Just saying….

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