time has wings these days.

Time has wings these days.
I took a stroll through our past,
if only to consolidate,
and pack pictures away.

I thought I was ready.
It’s not that I’m not,
because I did not cry this time.

It’s just that,
when I think about it,
it feels like I’m moving away,
from an acquainted home,
leaving behind my naivety.

I thought novelty was the catalyst,
for failing marriages,
and lonely young men,
but I find myself yearning,
for familiarity and well-worn words,
to comfort me.

I’ve become a woman so quickly.
Maybe I miss who I was,
and confuse that with you.


37 thoughts on “time has wings these days.

  1. With the passing of time,we often lose parts of life that once was ours,alone.Then we begin to cling to familiar moments in hopes they will bring us into the light.Before long we realize darkness has set in and we return,alone

  2. “I’ve become a woman so quickly.
    Maybe I miss who I was,
    and confuse that with you.”

    This is beautiful. Your themes are so timeless… maturity, disconnect, yearning for something (even if maybe you shouldn’t). You have such a way with poetry.

    1. Well! I have never been accused of maturity before! 😉 You’ve encouraged me greatly with your comments tonight. I truly appreciate what you’ve said, and you as a fellow poet.

  3. We often lose ourselves to another, and before we know it, begin to resent that person for something they aren’t guilty of. It’s important to realize that we need to hold onto our own unique individuality within our relationship. This is a very well written piece!

  4. I can relate to this. We go through life losing bits of ourselves and then mourn that loss subtly, and then confuse it for something else. You’ve expressed that very well here. Beautifully written 🙂

  5. “I’ve become a woman so quickly.
    Maybe I miss who I was,
    and confuse that with you.”

    Very astute. I often wonder if that is the case when I miss a love from the past. Of course there is naturally some yearning there for whatever it is that “we” WERE together… but how often is it confused for what “I” WAS when I was a half of that equation.

    Great question to ponder… I will be thinking about that.

  6. Lovely. The evolution and development process of ourselves. Everyone changes – with time, culture, people we interact with and our environment. Sometimes we lose ourselves in the process but as long as we take a step back to reflect the reasons for change – perhaps we didnt, we just discovered ourselves at times when it was not possible in the past 😀

    1. Yes, very intuitively said. We do have to take a step back to reflect about ourselves and how we’ve changed. I like what you’ve said about discovering ourselves, as well. Thank you. 🙂

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