crayons and coffee dates.

August 18, 2011

Remember to stop, then drop and roll.
Don’t build mountains from a mole.
Don’t touch things when they are hot.
Never tattle when you are caught.

Close your mouth when you chew.
Don’t laugh at others different than you.
Share your things unbegrudgingly,
Hold hands with the eldest authority.

Button up when it’s cold outside.
Take criticisms all in stride.
Look both ways when you cross the street.
Make sure tied laces on both feet.

Cross your legs when down you sit.
Say please, thank you, and ask permit.
Be wary of all these hidden dangers,
and don’t give your heart to perfect strangers.


11 Responses to “crayons and coffee dates.”

  1. NK said

    Nice double meaning in that last line. Very clever.

  2. booguloo said

    Nice advice all around.

  3. I love it! It reminds me of the “Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten” concept much more poetic. I too love the last line.

  4. Sirrah said

    This was worth the cost of the internet and then some!

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