August 23, 2011

This may not be enduring,
but forever never keeps its promise,
appearing fickle, anyway.
You may be a master of vices,
when I’m polishing my virtues,
for use in saving myself.
As long as words get written down,
we’ll have our story,
as souvenir, to savor harvest.
Poets in a world of profit,
where lovers become benefactors,
beneficiaries of dejection.
This may not be withstanding,
but with you exploiting me, mutually,
we can hope to break even.


8 Responses to “symbiosis.”

  1. I really like this one–starving artists feeding off each other. Eww. But great. 🙂

  2. this is really good work! totally rocks!
    enjoy gooseberry day!! 🙂

  3. Morning said

    good luck.

    handsome sentiments…

  4. A.B. Thomas said

    fantastic, the flavour of the write on the mutuality of creativity was superb!

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