football season is over.

There comes a moment in everyone’s lives where they realize they may have already reached their pinnacle, and it’s all downhill from here. They realize that they’ve been unhappy for some time, and that it’s most likely not going to change. They realize they’ve already given everything they have to offer, and have already done everything for the world that they can. They begin to feel greedy for getting their misery all over everyone else. They begin to feel ridiculous for holding out so long after their prime, and for ever wasting anyone’s hopes at all. Hopefully that moment comes when you’re 67, and not 25 and eleven-twelfths, but it still comes all the same. The first thought you have when this happens is about those that depend on you. Namely, children and pets. If you have no children, all the better. If you have no pets, well you’re free and clear. If you do have pets, you consider knocking over their food bag so they can rummage until someone finds them. The second thought you have is how to do it. Namely, messy or painful. Or both. You should never choose both, for there is really no point in it. If you don’t mind messy, consider those that might have to clean up after you. If you choose painful, you’re sacrificing comfort but usually for a tidier appearance. If you choose both, you’re just being dramatic.  The third thought you have is about how things could have turned out differently, and what you wish you could have changed. Namely, hopes and dreams. If nothing could turn out differently, no matter how you’ve tried, write your letter, and say your final prayer. If there’s still something left that you can change, step away from the typewriter, pick up the food bag and change it. Hunter S. Thompson once said that he would feel trapped if he didn’t know he could commit suicide at any moment. You can always come back to it later.

Relax. This won’t hurt.


8 thoughts on “football season is over.

  1. Ms. Fountains, if you want a stool please call on me. I’ll be sure to break a leg before you get the knot tied…

    Also, thanks for dropping by the Code Room recently…

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