goodbye, johnny.

I shot a man in Georgia,
just to watch him die,
then sat by him all through the night,
and yet my cheeks are dry.

When I was just a baby,
My mama told me, “Dear,
always do the right thing so,
that you may never live in fear.”

So I shot a man in Georgia,
just to watch him die,
but he knew he had it comin’,
to lay rest the days gone by.

And I’d let that lonesome silence,
guilt me until I pray,
if weren’t for how steady my hand,
when I blew my blues away.


4 thoughts on “goodbye, johnny.

  1. Nice job. I love how you appropriated the line (and the meter?) from “Folsom Prison Blues” And in the end, it’s the silence that’s lonesome, not the whistle. Nice homage. Goodbye, Johnny could either be the man the speaker shot in the poem or Johnny Cash. Lots going on in this subtle little homage. love it.

    1. Thanks so much, Danny, for taking a moment to read and give your opinion. I did try to mimic the meter a bit, and was a little unsure about the title. There’s always some apprehension for me when meddling with a classic, especially one of this nature! But I had the idea and just went with it. Very happy that you enjoyed it so. 🙂

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