saffron and ash.

September 1, 2011

Summer amber with indigo sky,
but always over where she lie,
a billow of grey because I cry,
and just can’t seem to say goodbye.



16 Responses to “saffron and ash.”

  1. beautiful pure beautiful poetry and rhyme words which speak so lovely to read short it maybe be but in such a small amount of words you created something special in a poem well done its lovely.

  2. NK said

    With four short lines you paint a very clear picture – I got a complete image while reading the first time. The second time I challenged myself to picture something different. Both times you painted something sad but beautiful.

  3. caridwen said

    The first line is lovely – I love the juxtaposition of amber and indigo. Glorious. Now, I want a skirt featuring those colors!

  4. Your first line is so beautiful and just keep going on after this what a wonderful poem happy picnic

  5. honeyhaiku said


  6. A.B. Thomas said

    “A billow of grey because I cry” – utterly divine!

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