the end of literature.

I am not afraid,
to challenge my heroes,
and sully their art,
with my own perceptions.

Their faults we cherish,
and memorialize their flaws,
but I am to be ashamed,
of my own creative blemish?

If be it my beloveds,
wanted untouched legacy,
it was in their error,
to have left themselves behind.

That which cannot be improved upon,
must be  interpreted,
so I’ve no hesitation,
to stand on their foundations.

If we cannot reinvent the classics,
this is the end of literature,
for all which needs saying,
has been already perfectly said.

Our admired hold such honor,
and are glorified for it,
as I step on their toes and,
I am not afraid.


22 thoughts on “the end of literature.

  1. I am truly enamoured with the classics yet I think you quite astutely put the creative side of building over the old with the new – loved it

    1. At risk of sounding like a hypocrite, there are classics which, to me, are perfection -but that doesn’t mean the author wrote without flaws. Nor would I literally reinvent them, but think we must absorb and internalize these classics and feel that it is appropriate for them to be reflected and mutated in contemporary works.

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