recycled songs and pre-owned admirations.

That which was sung to me,
played for my ears only,
such serenading secrets,
have been recycled songs,
refurbished promises,
hand-me-down compliments,
pre-owned admirations,
now bestowed upon another,
gifting used lyrics to her,
secondhand and depleted,
worn of any meaning,
and I can’t help but wonder,
if she listened to them,
while believing them or,
placed any hope within them,
then, I answer myself that,
of course she did,
for he’s had so much,
practice, practice, practice.


8 thoughts on “recycled songs and pre-owned admirations.

  1. Well damn if that doesn’t touch a chord in me.
    I had a 3 year relationship of mine end in March, and I am left with about 200 pieces of poetry and song, even including one small book, that I wrote for her.
    What to do? I can’t use them with another. Yet I can’t toss them either. There they sit. In lyrical limbo. I’ll leave them, and perhaps in time it’ll sort itself.
    That said, I got a great song out of the breakup. 😉

    Thanks for this!

    1. Yes, I hear you. I’m happy, or maybe sad? that you could relate. Bravo for not using them on someone else, my friend. It’s deplorable. Hey! Maybe you can record the best breakup anthology ever with all those pieces. 😉

  2. I think we may have dated the same person. All joking aside, this is a beautiful way to express something sad. Or at least my interpretation was sad – because from where I’m standing I was the she you discuss at the end. Of course now there’s a new she. She’s a doe-eyed idiot believing every line he feeds her. I was once, too.

  3. So much of who we are can be intentionally or unintentionally fabricated. Bravado from fear. Ego from insecurity. Passion from need. It is a shame that as humans we are so often insincere or pretentious in an attempt to be loved or accepted. If we could all just BE and not be ashamed or fake… Thank you for sharing. Keep writing!

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