butterflies and bluebirds.

I think it and,
dare not whisper it too loudly,
for the letters may frighten,
and scatter,
like timid butterflies,
or bluebirds,
in the morning hush or,
for the words may fragment,
and ruin,
as aged coliseums or,
ancient shrines and fortresses,
or for the punctuation,
may disintegrate,
like loose granules of sand,
through the pinch in the hourglass,
but every fiber of my being,
feels it,
my heart pulses it,
softly but barely contained,
as I think it and want to exclaim:
I am happy.


53 thoughts on “butterflies and bluebirds.

  1. I love this poem. The imagery is awesome and then ending brings everything together. I did get thrown off a little at first when you transitioned to the words. I don’t know why but I had trouble with the or,/for – but this is probably just me and upon figuring it out (duh!) and reading it again I really loved it and the rhythm it produced. I feel like I tell you you capture things perfectly too often but I can’t think of a better way to describe what you do in your poems… because you do capture things so perfectly.

    1. I truly appreciate your honest opinions, Nancy. I, myself, was unsure of the or/for transitions but it just didn’t want to come out any other way. Glad to know that these transitions were a bit sticky, but that the meaning wasn’t lost altogether. I’ll have to keep this in mind. 🙂

      1. I think I’ve been away from poetry for so long that I sometimes forget to simply read it and feel it and let it be. Love the new banner graphic.

      1. You really do have a gift for this and so many would-be writers (myself included) have trouble with succinctness. You, on the other hand, have nailed it. When are you going to publish a book of poems?

      2. Oh, you have me feeling bashful, now. 😛 It has been a dream to have a book published. I suppose I’m waiting for the opportunity or maybe to be discovered, lol.

  2. like loose granules of sand in the pinch of the hourglass

    What feeling and imagery you invoke. You have many great lines here. Very interesting poem

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