prolixity in poetry.

Must you always compose in the shade? Are you some kind of faulty prism, absorbing and reflecting only the darker colors? Instead of making music, you emit murmurous melancholy soliloquies. Can you not count a lily’s petals and pluck them with iambic pentameter? Or construct an inversion of down-sloping train tracks, billows of enjambment eclipsing an anapestic afternoon?

Let the stars be your Milky Way statements, the Via Lactea trimeter speckling the atmosphere with finality. Mark questions with organic curvature like waterfall-smoothed sonnet stones, and exclaim with sequoia groves – small orchards narrowed to a point as pecan trees, seldom and sparse. Espouse the telling as much as the content, framing the words like a parenthetical embrace of afterthought seeping with prosody.

Capitalize Every Moment.

The all-knowing, intellectual “they” tell you to write what you know.

I am.


15 thoughts on “prolixity in poetry.

  1. I am Wednesday’s child,
    Full of woe,
    That’s what I am,
    That’s what I know.

    Odd that my phone plinged just now and took me here. I was just settling in to write about my own melancholia.

    1. That little poem there is a big part of who I am. I have plans for a Saturday’s Child tattoo in my grandmother’s handwriting. According to the original, “I have far to go.” 😉

  2. Waters washing over
    Rough stones
    Turning them smooth
    An epiphany!

    Erosion removing
    The rough edges
    And leaves a beauty
    Yet much smaller
    Than it’s former self
    Like the way
    She chips my heart away…

    Well that didn’t work to well…. Let’s try again.

    Sitting in the field
    Surrounded by daisies
    I bask in their beauty
    Eagerness to grow
    Stretching towards the sun

    I pick one to smell
    Love intoxicating
    “She loves me,
    She loves me not,
    She loves me!”

    My heart leaps for joy
    As the flower’s told it’s truth
    But alas, there’s another truth
    To be told by the flower
    It’s been left naked and barren
    Like my heart.

    This really isn’t working so well. Maybe I should just stick to reflecting the darker colors and keeping with such things that flow so easily. lol! 😉

  3. i’m just going to say i love this. If i try to come up with explanations it would look childish compared to your brilliance, in the use of words.

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