metaphors are like similes are like expectations are…

…like the little, pink dress that seems such a vibrant, lively color and that fits so warmly, so familiarly that you aren’t sure how you expressed yourself without it showing off your curves and accentuating your best features worn out in the bright light of day looks tawdry and needy, clinging to your skin suffocatingly and you wonder what about it attracted you in the first place as it calls attention to your bad habits, exaggerating your flaws as you haven’t got the shoes to match.

If you expect nothing, you’re apt to be surprised. You’ll get it. – Malcolm Stevenson Forbes


17 thoughts on “metaphors are like similes are like expectations are…

  1. I agree… I love the transition or (maybe better) the devolution of this one! It’s a great surprise to the reader. An unexpected twist… and one that many of us can probably relate to. Both literally and metaphorically. Great one!!

  2. Excellent as always–just thought I’d let you know that I still love your poetry but I’m much more busy during the school year, so won’t be by as often. Unfortunately I have to sacrifice some things with my schedule, so I gave up sleep, showering, and your blog– in that order. 😉

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