versatile blogger nomination and the number seven.

I was just nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the charming and humorous blogger of Woman in Thrisis, the melancholy and romantic poet extraordinaire Francois Bergh, the edgy and melodic poet and lyricist of Dark Zone, and Tincup, a utopian philosopher grown wise from his choices. I would have nominated them for the award if they were not already nominated. šŸ™‚

As a nominee, I am to list seven idiosyncrasies of myself that my followers most likely do not know. Don’t you judge me, now.

1. I am allergic to strawberries, and it happens to be my favorite flavor in all things. This has lead to many close-calls and near suicide attempts.
2. My dreams are vivid and peculiar – so much so, I’m not entirely certain I’m not insane. The most common dream I have is about teeth in any way, shape or form and occurs almost once a night. I also have a strong affection for gore and horror, but cannot watch someone injure their teeth, or lose a tooth. The dentist gives me incredible anxiety.
3. I’ve had doctors tell me they think I have Grapheme Synesthesia and this is most likely the cause of my phenomenal memory.
4. As a child I was almost deaf and had to have several surgeries to correct my inner ear canals. This has lead to an absurd appreciation of sound in general, whether it be music or someone snoring. Sometimes I just sit with my eyes closed and listen.
5. I’m not a fan of birthdays as my greatest fear is getting old. I live with a perpetual sense that I’m running out of time and use to believe that I’d take my life in some heroic or dramatic way once I were satisfied with my age and accomplishments.
6. There’s a tattoo of a DMT molecule (“the spirit/dream molecule”) around my right ankle. It’s a bit of a nod to Alice in Wonderland. I have two other tattoos which also have literary significance.
7. My preference for cleanliness is borderline OCD and seems to originate somewhere in feet. I wipe my dogs’ paws with sanitary wipes when they come in from the yard, and I typically can’t get in bed until I’ve washed mine.

If I’m deserving of a nomination then I know several others that are, as well:

A Chorus of Echoes – A poet with a truly prolific sense of poetry in all words, and some of the deepest thoughts that were ever put to page.

Lacking Understanding – A musician that writes and approaches life with more compassion and heart than most people are capable.

Words Forgotten – A blogger with a true love and versatility for the art of writing.

Wordcoaster – A poet of acute intelligence and tongue-in-cheek talent beyond his years.

I often wish I were capable of expressing my profound gratitude for the support and encouragement I have found through WordPress, but I’m just not that good of a writer yet. Someday.

UPDATE: I’ve decided to supplement a few more bits about myself, in gratitude, for each additional nomination since the first. I appreciate my readers more than they know, and can only offer pieces of myself in return. Thank you all, thank you, thank you, thank you.

8. My vernacular is a strange and often humorous mix of southern slang in a northern accent because of my upbringing. And it only becomes more pronounced with alcohol. I’m a hoot at parties.
9. I tend to choose to be silly over all other emotions. Being a martial artist until a knee injury, sometimes I like to pretend I’m a ninja. This also becomes more pronounced with alcohol.
10. I have a genius IQ but still struggle with common sense.
11. I love the smell of gasoline.

26 thoughts on “versatile blogger nomination and the number seven.

    1. Oh, dear… You got me. Quite the dilemma. I’d have to say that I’d probably eat the strawberries. Think the OCD probably takes a backseat to a love of food. šŸ˜›

  1. I’m still trying to grapple my brain as to how no.1 is possible, being your favorite flavor and at the same time you’re allergic to it. I might as well read fiction but unfortunately this is real haha. Thanks for the nomination :)…this is fun regardless if one wins or if this is real, but read 7 things about other people is interesting. Is it possible to re-nominate you and get another 7 things we don’t know abt you? ROFL

    And for no.5, now how can you not like birthdays? haha. Anyway, only my family and some friends who choose to remember know mine. And I guess it shows to say I’m not a fan no.5 myself!

  2. Love the tattoo. šŸ˜‰
    My fear of getting old is moderated by the fact that I turn 50 in 41 days, haha. So instead I have consciously decided to live to 112. Just to get rid of the guesswork. It was the not knowing that was bugging me. So now I know, because I decided. If I don’t reach 112, I will simply have been wrong.

    1. lol! That’s pretty ingenious, actually. The not knowing isn’t what bothers me, it’s the getting old and tired and incapable and lonely. 112 would be waaaay past my target range. šŸ˜›

  3. You truly deserved it šŸ˜€

    Visiting your mind is like going down into a deep dark cellar -stumbling around, falling over dark nothings, and then locating the chain hanging from the bulb overhead. You pull it once and nothing happens… you yank it again… nothing happens as you slowly become very aware of the thick darkness swirling and creeping around your feet … you try again, frantically … and just when you are about the give up and get the fuck out, the light blinks on. The world fills with brilliant clarity and just as you briefly see the shadows cowering around the corners you are forever blinded by truth.

    Each time I enter your world it is like a little adventure – a “Journey to the center of Cheri Anne”, if you like.

    Thank you.

    1. I am so excited by this description that I am bouncing in my seat. šŸ˜› I think I’ll copy and paste it, print it and pin it to my cork board as a reminder of who I am, who I wish to be and why I should be appreciative of my struggles. A journey to the center of Cheri Anne! Thank you more than you know, Francois. šŸ˜‰

  4. I should’ve known you already go this award multiple times but I am glad you accepted as I got to read all those interesting and hillarious tid bits about yourself. I am also grateful as I can explore those sites listed to receive the award.

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