cold, cold night.

October 3, 2011

Falling asleep in the backseat,
this car my silent sanctuary,
in this placid, unlit parking lot,
like a lone vessel in a darkened sea.

The captain goes down with the ship,
since I have no where else to go.
I wish my dog were here with me,
but all I’ve got left is an empty road.


17 Responses to “cold, cold night.”

  1. hindsightreflection said

    an empty space with nothing to impede
    should you only be so fortunate

  2. j said

    The ocean reverberates the meaning of “majestic” emptiness which again you brought to shed light in the depiction of an “empty road,” which has a familiar tone to it. In your familiar surrounding of having only an empty road to look for, your emptiness has this brooding mystery entailed with it by the depiction of the ocean…it makes the emotional part of it in a “helpless” state.

  3. I’ve been too drunk to drive home too.

    Juuuuust kidding. Liked it.

  4. booguloo said

    This brought back some homeless memories. Thanks.. Makes me appreciate more the shelter I now have over my head.

  5. The vagabond at heart
    Speaks volumes from the car
    Alone this night again
    No one around to call friend

    Cold, so cold tonight
    A shiver appears from fright
    And tomorrow will hold it’s own
    But tonight, this car is my home

  6. aveek13 said

    nice nice gonna read some more.

  7. Severed anchors set adrift
    Alone, alive, but left with this
    A hollow shell–a silent hell
    The starless night decries my wish

    Give me melodies and song
    My heart to heal; my shivers calm
    Encased in steel, on quiet wheels
    Within to dwell until the dawn

    My car has been my refuge so many times. Parking lots are perfect stages for dramas we cannot act out in public. Speaking into the emptiness of the interior, I have often discovered feelings I can only set free there. Brilliant work

    • Fountains said

      Very true. It sometimes feels like it is the only place that is truly yours and that “hollow shell” or being “encased in steel” is like a blanket. Thank you!

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