swings and shifts in momentum.

October 5, 2011

You don’t talk much these days.
I know.
But when someone you loved,
just becomes someone you knew,
the universe shifts,
along with your understanding,
so that the stars overhead,
are made of different wishes,
than the night before.

He’ll be okay. You’ll be okay.
I know.
But he didn’t know,
he was speaking double,
like the shots in sample bottles,
I bought at the liquor store,
and drank while I drove here,
since I’m one year older,
and still not enough of a woman.

You’re shivering.
I know.
But the cherry print sweater,
I’ve worn for two days past,
isn’t made for cold, cold nights,
the warmth of the sample bottles,
fading since he chucked them,
over the fence and into the woods,
after the police searched my car.

You have to stop being reckless.
I know.
But I didn’t care,
as I clutched the chain links,
on a child’s swing,
at a baseball park at 1am,
feeling very much like I belonged there,
being careful not to sway too much,
and shift the universe even more.

Your eyes are still glassy.
I know.
But I didn’t explain the difference,
between drink and unshed tears,
since I don’t cry in front of anyone,
and when someone in your future,
just becomes someone of your past,
all those wishes on stars,
make the nights that much harder.


14 Responses to “swings and shifts in momentum.”

  1. barceno said

    Very interesting 🙂

  2. j said

    the perceptions you conveyed beginning with each stanza, sees only the surface, and each time the “I know” responds, there is much more than meets the eye (gee that sounds Transformer-ish). The surface is explained more thoroughly when surging the deep.

  3. zumpoems said

    I love the way this is structured and the call and response as well as the development. Great line: “so that the stars overhead, are made of different wishes than the night before”

  4. Old Raven said

    This is so very “fragile.” Well, not the poem, but there are such feelings of fragility here. This is a very tender poem and very nicely written … it draws in the reader.

  5. This poem is very interesting and so well penned hope to read more of your poems in the weeks to come

  6. Pardon my language, but, Damn! This is a powerful and moving piece of writing! It rates right up there with the very best I’ve seen lately. Awesome write! I love it! I’d point out my favorite lines, but it would take too long to pick one from the many. You get my first WOW of the week!


  7. morning said


    we all hid our sadness in our mind without showing most of the times.

    powerful piece.

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