his mouth.

October 11, 2011

a breathtaking infusion,
of force and firmness,
soft and slow,
awakening an ache,
and coaxing it to grow,
saturating heated skin,
with moisture,
made along my curves,
savoring escaping sounds,
tasting tender nerves,
a trail of gasoline,
left by the wetness of his tongue,
setting me aflame,
in the soft valley of my chest,
heaving to keep still,
beneath wherever,
his ready lips are pressed.


10 Responses to “his mouth.”

  1. j said

    I see the oceans ablaze and winter nights in flames.

  2. jsirrah said

    Calling for help would not extinguish such desire nor would standing under a cold waterfall desolve the passion burning insiide.Like this much 🙂

  3. “heaving to keep still” is a heavenly collection of words. Keep posting, I like your style.


  4. demonsking19 said

    nice poem !

  5. Awesome work.A poet is as good as her words.your words are amazing.

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