Been surprised to find,
a newly single woman,
a wounded gazelle.

Nor was I aware,
in my own friends list there were,
many hungry lions.


9 thoughts on “predatory.

  1. “…wounded gazelle”…(hurting.)

    “…many hungry lions”…(prowling.)

    Well just coloring along the lines in interpreting your poem.

  2. Out of curiosity, was it intentional that the last line contain 6 syllables instead of 5? Never mind, don’t answer it, and then readers can debate the point in trying to interpret your mind!

    A very nice poem. I hope the hungry lions remember that even wounded, a gazelle is not without some very dangerous horns.

    1. Actually, I just couldn’t decide if I liked “lions” as one syllable or two. A fellow poet considers these types of words “syllables-and-a-half” depending on how it is spoken, so I just went with it. 😛 Thank you very much. I do seem to have horns.

  3. The wounded prey may best escape
    In plainest sight and brightest day
    Her patterns formed for still disguise
    She hides behind her cautious eyes
    And plays the part of earth and sky
    Until the lions pass her by


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