ebbing and flowing.

Hips rising up like the tide,
the swell growing thick inside,
warm and slow like sunlit sea foam,
ebbing and flowing,
ebbing and flowing,
ebbing and flowing,
roaring, frothing surf,
cresting wave over wave over wave,
then crashing to shore,
in a salty, heated downpour,
churning from the depths,
to slip slickened thighs,
subtle as the seagull’s cries.


14 thoughts on “ebbing and flowing.

    1. I read your poem around 4:30 in the morning, and maybe it was the bleak mood I was in, but I was very much touched by it. I’ve saved it to my phone. Without knowing it, you may have described exactly how I’ve been feeling in my life. Drowning. But your poem gave me the little bit of hope I’m needing.

  1. I am a child of the ocean at heart. It has always been my closest friend. Your words are lovely and provocative. It stirs up a broth of feelings in my soul, from mystery and power, to sex and desire. A raw presentation of humanity and nature in a stunningly beautiful word image. You have a talent for crafting words. I’m glad I discovered your blog 🙂

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