my forever.

October 21, 2011

One glass,
two seats,
one empty.
Fingers cold,
an ignored book,
drowned out,
by headphones,
beside a
twilight highway.
This is it.
What my forever,
feels like.


12 Responses to “my forever.”

  1. abichica said

    wooowww!! it feels so grim, so final.. But its very good, the finality of it is kind of scary, in a good way. 🙂

  2. Hauntingly placid. It evokes moments in my mind where I go somewhere to sit and read, but I drift into space and only stare and listen to music. Sometimes my brain refuses to engage in the physical world and chooses to anchor in the dreamlike spaces of my imagination. I at times feel like I may never return to the real world. Beautiful thoughts, my friend

  3. Carl said

    I love this one, so strongly identified!

  4. j said

    Eternity tastes the track of footsteps left by reality…mysteriously familiar, beautifully haunting.

  5. I don’t like link-dropping, but this poem seems to flow perfectly from the ending of one of my own:
    It’s part of a longer poem that I’m still working on a year later. (I shelved it for quite some time) As always you are able to convey with an economy of words the dull aching of loneliness. 🙂

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