do not call me goddess.

Do not call me Goddess.
Do not label me dream,
or fantasy,
for I will awaken you,
by any means necessary.

Do not exalt me.
Do not expect of me,
to live up to,
worthy of Greek mythology.

Do not lift me.
Do not raise me,
to heights unattainable,
for I am too heavy,
and will fall, fall, fall.

Do not force me.
Do not give me ultimatums,
for I will choose the path,
of most resistance,
reining fury,
worthy of Olympus.

Do not allure me.
Do not feed me,
empty, pretty things,
for I will make you,
eat those words,
from thine own hands.

Do not glorify me.
Do not divine me,
for I may appear,
but I assure I am,
a reckoning.

Do not call me Goddess.



20 thoughts on “do not call me goddess.

  1. This is really liberating and magnificent!

    A goddess, you say
    But I see no such tyrant
    I see an immortal, no doubt
    But of a grander kind
    For goddesses are lofty
    Untouchable and astute
    But you…you are as I
    The flesh and blood breaks through
    Your divine words repent
    In a deity’s lament
    Of any such triviality
    A goddess, you say
    But I see much more
    A constellation of beauty
    In verbs nouns and such
    To you I attend my ear
    And for a goddess…I would not much
    A goddess, you say
    But I feel your core
    Your pulse through your words
    You are a woman
    And that is much more
    Than simply “a goddess”


    1. Oh my… wow. I don’t know whether to be jealous or unequivocally flattered. 😛 Your spontaneous poetry is really something. I’m sinfully proud to have inspired such words and to be thought of as such a woman. 😉 This will stay with me for days. Thank you.

      1. Your poetry was wonderful, and I could not concoct an adequate response. I ran out of fitting adjectives and kind statements, and I felt you deserved a better response than that for your lovely work. Indeed, you did inspire me, and there is nothing here to be jealous of. You are by far my superior, I’m sure. Your poetry is always captivating. Thank you for sharing and allowing me to read 🙂

      1. And a great deal more I suspect . . . or perhaps even less. Apotheosis is often more about silence than it is about words.

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