December 15, 2011

Boundless as the bray of unbridled horses,
ample and expansive as fields of grain,
lavender foxgloves, wild oats,
willow aster, or prairie clovers,
limitless as mid-morning canyon skies,
splayed before you, lush and rampant,
are my untamed peaks and vehement valleys.


18 Responses to “sown.”

  1. You sure know how to make a breath trip on itself. I just love it when you write these…

  2. dragonstrand said

    and then some . . . .

  3. ~L said

    Mid-morning canyon sky’s!!! Love it:)

  4. Tinged with the true timeless romance that flavors the great works of literature throughout the ages. This invoked the Song Of Solomon in my mind. I have often indulged in those glorious images. You stir my heart and tempt my mind. Lovely.

  5. Ben Naga said


    In a word.

  6. zendictive said

    peacefully vibrant (~_~)

  7. your poem is short and beautifully written pure verse of poetry well done from kevin

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