It’s been so long since I’ve been this tired.
This shaky, breathless, boneless tired,
that comes from easy Sunday mornings,
and uneventful Sunday evenings,
spent rug burning both elbows and knees.

It’s been so long since I’ve been this weak.
This afterglowing, warmness weak,
that comes from sheets pooled by bed corners,
and bellies aching from tickles, laughter,
spent, wide open and vulnerable hereafter.


11 thoughts on “naked.

    1. Thank you, VW. After six months of a plethora of words, I find myself struggling for inspiration. These poems I’ve posted lately I haven’t been so proud of, so thank you for seeing the simplicity in them.

      1. The true beauty is in the simplicity. Anyone can convey a thought or paint a mental image in a thousand words. It takes talent to do it in such spartan fashion. Congratulations.

      1. Have to say writing for me is what happens when life doesn’t pause; and conversely, writing ends for me when life pauses.

        When I am not writing, I am for all purposes Dead.

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