alone with the sound.

Sad songs overtake me,
suddenly, greatly.
I can’t stop crying,
in quiet places,
when days slow down,
and I’m in the bath,
alone with the sound,
of missing memories,
and familiar rhythms,
of things I did not want,
or never really had.


13 thoughts on “alone with the sound.

  1. For some reason, this struck a chord within me, resonating to what lieth beneath, so I felt compelled to comment, something I haven’t done in a while here :).
    It is in the stillness and silence that what we have within us has the opportunity to surface and make itself known. Through our emotions and feelings, what we thought had vanished is still present, what we thought forgotten is still remembered. When the “days slow down” gives time for thoughts, no longer muddled by the stir of monotony, no longer having the ability to hide amidst activities, we are suddenly confronted with a portion of our selves, long hidden, in”quiet places”, when we are “alone”, moments when the root cause and symptom may be revealed, where our tears are a vessel for the sadness within to surface and lighten the load we feel inside.
    This is what you have written speaks to me, but I tend to think more into things than necessary :P, and I’m sicky sick so my state of mind might have a certain influence to my thinking. Take care. The sun always shines after a storm.
    Keywords: quiet places, days slow down, alone, crying.

    1. I look forward to your lengthy insights always! You may have inspired something, as what you said about tears being a vessel has stirred something within me. Thank you endlessly, Dnim.

      1. That is something I’ll always keep in heart and mind. I’m always glad to hear my words are of some inspiration <3, though few they are.

      2. Undoubtedly thou speaketh truth. ^.^
        I might have been thinking along the line of the times I comment.

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