Holding handfuls of weeds,
with white, tiny buds,
and furry, purple petals,
which he modestly picked,
from the side of the highway,
where he slammed on the brakes.

Filling the silence,
with his cigarette smoke,
he’s remorseful through my passenger window,
though not for my tears,
but for giving his best,
while Iā€™m deserving of better.

What do you regard as most humane? To spare someone shame. – Friedrich Nietzsche


10 thoughts on “weeds.

  1. ……a couple arguing perhaps – and the driver is accused of “never buying me flowers!” so brakes heavily and scares the passenger to tears and then lights a cigarette nonchalently and notices the daisies and dandelion on the verge. These are proffered as an apology. I’ll give her flowers !!!

  2. I like the second stanza juxtaposed with the quote at the end the best because it shows, to me, how complicated being human is. The first person doesn’t think the second person is being remorseful to her, but her tears must have moved him to pick the flowers, whether she believes so or not-I think. Yet his shame (great word choice) “of giving his best while I’m deserving of better” is mirrored in your Nietzsche quote.

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