Sliced off the pad of her finger accidentally,
tracing the grooves of her identity.
If she can repeat this 9 times more, you see,
she can be reborn as a brand new somebody.


3 thoughts on “boxcutter.

  1. the “accidental” incident that transmitted the reality of physical pain, relapsed into a deeper level of self reflection that would initiate change; “brand new somebody.”

    The last two lines are wishes, no so much that they would take an intentional purpose, but damn, the change somehow instills makes you want to do it but…but it just stays there.

    Just an attempt though, at interpreting your poem. this one made me probe my own pain. 🙂

    1. You’re a very good analyst a wicked philosopher. You make me feel so deep. 😉 Thank you for listening so well, and hearing what others do not, J.

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