take me to hell.

August 10, 2012

Somewhere between the screaming,
the sobbing, the cruel remarks-
I swallowed a demon.
He sits in my belly, burning,
clawing my ribcage,
gnashing his teeth, wrenching,
writhing my spine, consuming my heart.
“Take me to Hell,” he says,
on my road paved with good intentions.
He wants me to give up;
to let this tired, broken vessel go.
“Take me to Hell with you,” he says,
“and you won’t have to die alone.”


9 Responses to “take me to hell.”

  1. Powerful. Creepy good. Love it. The first three lines could even stand on their own, but the whole thing is more than the sum of its parts. Again, well done.

  2. Carl said

    Well done. I’ve had this happen recently and it never goes away quickly enough.

  3. abichica said

    wooww!! powerful, scarry, so dark.. i love every single line.. 🙂

  4. Garden Girl said

    Wow… love this! Awesome write from start to finish.

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