the big bang.

February 2, 2013

It’s a folding in on itself.
A disentigration of time,
syrupy flow of background,
noise and movement,
dissolution of demension,
while existence fades,
like water colors into waves,
as the universe expands,
in achingly slow motion,
then snaps forward, warping,
imploding in on itself-
marking the very moment,
that you realize,
just how fucked you really are.


4 Responses to “the big bang.”

  1. Tincup said

    lol…well…I take solace in the belief our universe isn’t the only one…and certainly not the only one to have ever existed…those alive before also eventually realized they were fucked…lmao

  2. D.S. Jones said

    You can still write some damn good stuff when you want to.

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