March 4, 2013

Do not let him turn you into an ordinary woman-
a stereotype.
She’s plain, shy.

She is weak, hungry, and bruised.
Her breasts are not full.
When she cries, it isn’t lovely.
She is not strong-
for giving her soul to a man,
seeing his monster and,
making it her own.
She is the blind faith,
only read about in books.
And we pity her.
We tell her to walk away.
We wish she had more.
More self-respect,
more confidence, more power.
Though, she has survived.
And she still stands,
bearing more weight in her heart,
than any one person could carry,
and she still loves-
ready… for… more.
She made Hell feel like home.
Yet, we sigh and say-
Do not let him turn you,
into an ordinary woman?


9 Responses to “more.”

  1. abichica said

    This is amazing! 😀

  2. blitzken said

    Hven’t been here for a bit my friend. I’ve been missing out. You still rock me.

  3. You no ordinary woman. You fantastic. We are too long between letters.

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