never give your url to your mother.

Never give your URL to your mother.

She will follow your poetry blog on her brand new smart phone and sign up to receive updates straight to her Gmail account.
She will receive your posts immediately upon publishing and read them with the awe-struck pride that all good mothers feel for their daughters.
She will admittedly lay awake at night replaying the known events of your day to produce the catalyst for the poem you posted that evening.
She may or may not be imagining you crying yourself to sleep as she wonders when your day went downhill since she had just talked to you after lunch and you seemed perfectly normal then.
She won’t be able to help herself from reading into the content or meaning of the poem and then texting you:
R U OK? Have not heard from U lately…
whAt happnd???
plz don’t feel this way or use that language
who is this one about?
is ths about ME??? : (
You will slowly begin to censor your poems and dismiss inspiration, so as to not disturb your mother, wherever she may be.
She will not know the difference between your actual events and dramatizations, where truth is obscured by flowery language.
She will not understand whoever your inner writer is channeling at that moment, because she is going to only read it in her baby girl’s voice.
She is going to silently question when you grew up to be so angry. Or so slutty.
You will never be able to write about sex again.
She will leave encouraging comments with hearts and smiley faces and excessive exclamation points using the account she created solely for this purpose, and will vehemently oppose any constructive criticism from your other faceless followers.
She will post your private poems and personal blog to public places like Facebook, singing your praises.
Your aunts, uncles, grandmother and sister who have watched you pick your nose and dance naked in the front yard sprinkler will not find you talented, or deep.
They will inwardly “aha!” at having always known you were an askew point of view.
They will suggest you use your lovely university graduation photo as your avatar instead of the heavily photoshopped, artistic selfie, or they will just ask when you will be writing movie reviews again.
No matter where you or your mother are in the world – the moment you produce and publish something creative, she will know about it, whatever it is, and she will remind you that you told her you were supposed to be at work today.


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