5 thoughts on “grateful.

  1. You haven’t posted in a minute. Hope everything is going well. Hopefully looking forward to a steady stream of poems to come, like back in the day. Been following you for a long while (that would sound creepy in real life, wouldn’t it?) and always enjoyed your stuff. I’m actually putting out a book of poetry and short stories soon. I would think you have about 50 books worth. Do you have any books out yet?

    1. Hi there, thanks for your patience – it’s nice to know there are other voices echoing out there in the void. Sometimes I get lost and can’t find my way back to myself, I suppose. How has life treated you? As a child, I’d thought for sure I’d be a published writer by 18 years old but that dream is now as many years overdue. 🙂 I’d be excited to read your book and would love to hear more about it.

      1. 3 months later… Sorry, everything weighs so much lately. Hard to find the energy to do anything. I am finally getting the book out next month. Working up the energy to start my own posts back with more frequency than once every six months. Hard to promote something when you don’t let anyone know about. I’ve posted the cover as a teaser. Thinking about posting some illustrations as teasers as well.

        And 18 is young. You’ve got plenty of time. I’m just now getting a collection out and I’m 50.

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